alma mater


ever feel like you’re being watched?

i am on the #39 bus to Kirkcaldy, having spent the night at my mother’s home.

in glorious autumnal sunshine, i boarded the bus at a stop near my old high school. Ah… my alma mater, my old friend. old ghosts. voices echo from the past, as i hear kids in the playground less than 100m away, and i am transported back in time to those salad days. those devil may care days – the smell of chalk dust, the wizened faced librarian that looked like she was weaned on pickle, the teachers in gowns with the dreaded belt draped over their shoulder, the memories of gym hall changing rooms and changing bodies in the throes of puberty, the covered jotters, the fickle friends and canteen Hell. i hated high school, most of the time.

i sit on the bus, by the window, in the sun. it’s a beautiful day. but i feel like i am being watched.

i glance up and my suspicions are confirmed. a woman, in a red sweat top and hideous lilac Crocs is gawping at me. her bulging eyes fix upon me. i smile to her. she hides behind her ‘Despicable Me’ balloon. feeling disconcerted, i look away and return my gaze to other passing memories, other familiarities and ghosts from my childhood: the street where my best friend lived, the ‘black path’ down to the woods, the Glenwood shops… but she’s still watching.

my eyes return to her. she’s drooling now. something isn’t right.

i try smiling to her again. still nothing- just a vacuous face. i worry for her, and hope she is receiving the right level of care she is entitled to.

i look up to the sky. a lone plane passes overhead- a light plane with a single prop. it’s a nice day for flying, i think to myself. the sky is bright, despite a few puffy white clouds and streaks of dissipating chem trails that look like a faded saltire. my thoughts return to the looming referendum- it is Scotland’s chance to fly solo.

i hope that this not a sign. we cannot disappear into the dark depths of the UK. the butterflies begin to flutter and flap inside.

independence and all that that stands for is within our grasp. the postal votes are out, and cast. my mother tells me she voted YES.

i will be voting YES. things must change. i no longer want to be ruled by the elite warmongering criminal entity that is Westminster, with its old school network- in this case Eton.

i think of the divide. my old high school and all that it is in its humble and modest teachings is a far cry from Eton. the cost of one hundred pupils attending Eton could fund Scotland’s state schools for a year.

i look at David Cameron’s fat, petulant face and see a puppet. i see a man. a vulgar man. a man so far-removed from the world i grew up in and the world i now struggle to live in. and he is making decisions that affect me, and the woman with the balloon.

the woman with the balloon. would he care about her? she’s just a national insurance number.

i look at the abhorrent House of Lords… the sleeping landowners and title holders that have the ultimate say in how my world is governed and i see they have no empathy. how could they? they are asleep.

i hope the Scottish people do the right thing and take back what is rightfully ours: our independence, our control over our money and policy.

the world is watching. the woman hiding behind a cartoon balloon is watching. how will she vote?

we ARE being watched, the world over, and the way i see it is simple. this is a national IQ test. vote YES for change – many countries literally KILL for a shot at independence from their far-removed and controlling governments. if we do not win Independence then we are the only country to have this wonderful and long-awaited opportunity to be independent and take full control of our money and policies and not take it. how stupid are we going to look to the rest of the world if we do not? we have so much resources – in abundance – and we are a nation of great wealth and innovation yet we choose to remain slaves to this far-removed criminal entity in London.

if we win, and i hope that hope will prevail over fear, we will see massive changes. changes for the better. Scotland will be ours again. and what a wonderful place she will be to live in, and prosper in.

the world IS watching. i just hope the people of Scotland educate themselves and do the right thing. we cannot remain victims of oppression, slaves to Westminster, any longer. i hope the people of Scotland read up and wise up to the propaganda and emotional blackmail that fuel the better together campaign and biased media, the smoke and mirrors. i hope the people of Scotland dig deep and take a chance on this once in a lifetime opportunity at freedom.

we live in exciting times. a new dawn is arising.

we must cut the umbilical cord and breathe on our own.

it’s time.

(c) Kat McDonald 2014

image (c) Stewart McDonald Photography


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