instant karma

instant karma's gonna get you...

today has been a shit day. literally. and it’s not even midday.

i arrived at my usual stop to catch the 10.15 #39 to Kirkcaldy. the bus driver drove right on by.

cursing, i walked round to the stop where the (timetabled) 10.31 #38 rejoins the main road. i didn’t have to wait for long. but, once again, the driver failed to stop.

i am not wearing my cloak of invisibility today so why…!? why has this happened?

and to top it all off, a bird defecated on my boot!!!

now, logic and reason suggest the world is an imperfect place, birds defecate at will, public transport is unreliable and bus drivers are humans too… whatever that may be!

i wonder… is Karma teaching me a lesson in humility for all my previous rants about the woes of public transport? are drivers wearing blinkers, blind or just pig-headed? or does God, if she exists, have a sick sense of humour?


(c) Kat McDonald 2014


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