zero percent chance of precipitation


another grey hazy morning and i found myself heading to Glasgow. a day of street photography with my niece, Jennifer. a day of fun. a day of “zero percent chance of precipitation” she informed me, locking the door behind us, exiting without a coat.

we cut through the dank woodland area to the rear of the house and headed across the road to the bus stop. we were not kept waiting for long and soon we were at Glenrothes Bus Station and in a queue for our connection to Glasgow. the X24. £14.40 return.

we boarded and sat towards the rear of the bus. i sat at the window and Jen at the aisle. the sun decided he was going to join us and shone in through the window.

maybe there was a zero percent chance of precipitation, after all.

the bus took to the motorway, cutting through the countryside at speed. i gazed out the window at a dreamlike forest of wind turbines. so beautiful.

the sun tried his best to keep up with us but we out-ran him in Cumbernauld.

and i don’t blame him.

Cumbernauld is a fucking shithole. it is like Glenrothes. an ugly new town borne of the post-war Glasgow population overspill and, like Glenrothes, a previous winner of the Carbuncle- a not-so coveted prize for unsightly architecture for its suitably unsightly bus terminus. i can’t blame the sun for giving this place a wide berth.

we barely spoke to one another on the outbound journey, both quietly drinking in the bursts of sunshine, hypnotised by the blur of white lines on the road beneath us.

almost two hours later, we finally arrived in Glasgow.

we stepped off the bus into glorious sunshine.

and there i was… wearing a coat!

(c) Kat McDonald 2014


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